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Our company policy involves employees to become more productive and dedicated to their work. We follow various policies, including responsible tourism policy for sustainable tourism.

Economic policy

We use local products during our trips which helps the local communities to improve rural economics. The locally produced arts and crafts are all handmade and we advise our trekkers to support the local skills. We also have food that is locally produced which is very good as it is organic and healthy.

Environmental policy

As visitors, we must understand their hardships and save energy and water as much as we can. We can use energy saving bulbs and switch it off if not in use. We minimize the use of drinking water and collect our trash until we find a better place to dispose them. We use gas and kerosene instead of firewood to protect the forest while we tent out in the wild. We also forbid our whole team to bring any kind of non disposable, non-degradable materials such as plastic in the trek. The water bottles should be reusable even for boiled water. The wildlife also should not be disturbed by acts of petting or feeding or damaging the plants. Finally, we extremely forbid our clients to buy any material or souvenir made from endangered animals. The same policy is followed in our office as well. We minimize the use of electricity and water consumption. We understand the abundance of nature’s gift but we do not take it for granted. We also minimize paper consumption; instead we create online brochures and newsletters.

Cultural respect

Our team welcomes all people around the globe. We do not discriminate people in terms of their origin, sex, age, religion or race and we also expect the same from them.

Although Nepal is a small country, it is packed with various ethnic groups of people with cultural differences. We respect all of their culture equally. It is advisable not to wear shorts or very tight clothes as the communities are still very conservative and it may have a negative impact upon them. Display of affection like holding hands, kissing and being intimate is also a major taboo in the public. It is a good conduct to ask for permission from the people or authority before taking any personal photographs or photographs related to culture.

Guide and porter policy

The guide is the head of your team while the porter is the back. The guide leads and instructs you safely to your destination, providing you with ample knowledge of the places. The porter carries all your load and assists you in your journey. We appreciate their hard work and thus have a policy for them to ensure their best working conditions. All our guides and porter are insured for medical and injury treatments. The trek also includes accommodation and food to the guides and porters. They are also well equipped with clothes and necessary tools required for the trek and tours. Porter are also human beings, an extremely hardworking one, but we don’t overload them with our baggage. One porter is limited to carry about 13 kg to 25 kg as per destination.

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