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Travelling to a foreign land always brings up the difference in the geography, cultural and perception. You may accept the differences and enjoy your moment or be distraught by it and spend your time arguing about the differences. But we should always have the right attitude and prepare for the upcoming differences that may astonish you. That being said, you should enjoy your time well with all the effort you have put to prepare for your visit in Nepal. The country with great diversity gives you ample opportunities to do various activities.

    Do's in Nepal
  • Greet with a Namaste – It is uncommon in Nepal to shake hands or give a welcome hug. You can show your gratitude by pressing both palms together over your chest and say, “Namaste”.
  • There is more to that meets the eyes – Suppose you are planning to trek the Mt. Everest Base Camp which is what Nepal is best known for. But keep your mind open to other great things like the lesser known hikes around the peak or all around Nepal which could be more amazing.
  • Step up your Body – Most of the trekking routes that reach above 3000m can be completed with a daily regime of walking for 6 hrs for a month. If you are already fit, ramp it up a little as increasing your endurance may result in a sweat less fun trip in the mountains.
  • Trust tour operators– Suppose you are planning to trek the Mt. Everest Base Camp which is what Nepal is best known for. But keep your mind open to other great things like the lesser known hikes around the peak or all around Nepal which could be more amazing.
  • Respect local customs – The Himalayan cultures have survived through generations in the harsh climates. There have been histories about every aspect of their community. It is wise to respect their traditions than to doubt their actions that seem irrational to you. You can also politely question about their customs if you are a curious type.
  • Keep that smile running– Can you see the Himalayan people always smiling at you, even the old people with their wrinkling face? They live in the adverse climate with scare resources, yet they enjoy their time together. You shouldn’t feel sorry for their condition but share your stories to make the great moment and keep smiling with them.
  • Feel at home – Don’t be rigid around the locals. They are very friendly people .Feel free to interact with them and help them in the household chores. Learn something new like the old age techniques like to skim milk; make food over the fire, harvest fields and ride horses.
  • Travel for the sake of travelling – remember your main aim is to travel and not to reach a goal. Your plan may be interrupted by sudden avalanches, flat tires or muscles sprains. The difficult times are equally the part of travelling as the joyous times. So enjoy your moment all the time.
  • Equip yourselves– to make your plan work and travel further you need appropriate gears to travel through unpredictable weather in the mountains. Please see clothes and equipment page for further details on gears
    Don’ts in Nepal
  • Don’t drink the tap water – Stream water from mountains is safer than tap water. If you have no other option than to drink tap water, remember to boil it first, or use a purifier.
  • Food etiquettes – It is better not to offer the food which you are eating, or touch others food with the hand you were eating. Similarly, keep lip away about an inch away from the common pot while you are drinking. Rinse your hands and mouth before and after eating.
  • Avoid being touchy – Avoid touching others without permission especially women and people on their way to shrines. You can greet them with a simple Namaste.
  • It is always right hand – – Use your right hand to eat as well as to pass things to others or receive anything from the people
  • Places deserve respect too Remove your shoes before entering a home, temple or a monastery. The religious place may have more restrictions like prohibition of leather items, prohibition to take photographs, or even prohibition of non-Hindus. While on Buddhist sites, rotate the stupa, chortens or mani walls clockwise .
  • Display of affections– While general friendly affections are accepted, romantic affections are a taboo in public..
  • • Keep your cool – For any reason don’t start shouting and startle the locals. Raising voice is extremely disrespectful in Nepal
  • Save the ecosystem– Don’t buy ivories or fur from endangered species. Your purchase will only encourage the illegal business, plus you won’t be able to take them back to your home.
  • Save the children– Don’t encourage children begging. Successful begging will only worsen their habits. If your want to help them you can donate to charities or school.

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