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    Himalayan Monk provides you detailed travel destinations in Nepal. Our guide book incorporates all the popular as well as hidden destinations within the small country. For more than 10 years we have guided travelers ranging from leisurely holiday destinations to extreme adventure trails. We provide the travelers with the picture of the destination and the journey before hand and make sure to move ahead well prepared. Our travel guide includes trekking and tours to high mountains, wildlife in national parks, heritage sites, ancient cities of Nepal, experience the countryside, the food and culture and everything that lies in between. Travelling in Nepal is a unique experience of mixed culture, ethnic groups of people, religion and natural diversities including variance in land topographies, diversity of birds and animal species. There is also wide range of varieties of plants including beautiful orchids in the dense forests of Nepal. Most of the trekking trails of Nepal were once a part of trading route across Asia, also popularly known as the silk route. Through trades and to and fro of people across Asia, the country has developed as a melting point of people and culture of the two great adjacent countries, China and India. Our team guides you through this interesting piece of land. We know the high mountains of Nepal pose numerous threats to trekkers, so we guide the trekkers for proper tools and equipments. The team leader/guide we provide are well knowledge and experience of more than 5 years that have the capability to take accurate decisions in extreme situations. If our verbal guide is not enough the real guide will precisely provide you information during the travel. Some of the major points that you will need to remember while travelling in Nepal are:

    • First of all, Nepal is a developing country, you need to be prepared to witness the hardships of people like poverty, street children and be aware of people selling bad services. We also discourage giving alms directly to the need as it encourages begging behavior in people. You can donate to organizations with certified history to help the needy.

    • Actually, Nepali people are very friendly and warm. You can ask for help if you are lost. While one percent may try to loot you, the rest of the population will genuinely try to help you.

    • Culture, religion and beliefs are deeply rooted in Nepal. The festivals and culture seem hectic, but it is the heart of people. Everyone who respects the cultures of Nepal is welcomed. You can see unity in diversity here. A prime example would be the temples of Nepal worshipped by both Hindus and Buddhists and maintaining the communal harmony. Please also visit the page do’s and don’ts in Nepal for further behavioral conducts in Nepal.

    • The major cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara and many other tourist destinations have better services from food to accommodation. Clothes, equipments, sleeping bags and other trekking tools are also available, so you need not to pack everything. It is recommended to consult your physician before trekking in high altitudes and bring your prescribed medicines as pharmacies in Nepal may not have the medication you require.

    • Nepal is a safer alternative for solo travelers due to the friendly nature of Nepali people. Yet all the safety measures need to be followed even in the safest of the countries. Keep in mind not to travel alone at night as you may get attacked by thieves or wild animals. Another typical example is not to get drunk alone and always be aware of your surroundings. Ensure your rooms are always locked when away or while asleep. Keep in contact with a relative or an acquaintance on your locations.

    • Sanitation is still poor in the Nepal with growing population and open sewers and air pollution especially in Kathmandu. The countryside air is much fresher. Most of the tourist destinations are better groomed than the cities. The high mountain destinations lack proper water supply and electricity shortage.

    • The high rising mountains with winding roads make time and distance calculation irrelevant. The traffic and other forms of delay are also frequent hindrances to all the people of Nepal. Air transportation is also available to other local destinations like Pokhara, Lukla and Nepalgung. It take a 30 min travel by flight for about 6-7 hrs travel on land. Air transportation may be faster but it is much expensive with frequent weather disturbances and not up to mark safety records.

    There are also tourist police in Nepal to guide you through any crime issues you come across. They can be contacted in most of the major locations in the country. To contact the tourist police just dial 1144 from any location in Nepal, or contact the Nepal police headquarter at +977-14247041.

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