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Travelling with our team guides you to more than destinations. We teach you the way of responsible travelling. We believe in the principles of ecotourism leaving only positive impact on the host communities. We bring awareness to the travelers on the importance of conservation of both environment and the culture of the places we visit. We incorporate good behavior in our practice and encourage the visitors to do the same. All our staffs have good knowledge on this subject and thus assist to achieve sustainable development.

We must have heard that garbage has been piling up in the Everest. Since the growing trend of trekking to Everest in the last two decades, the ever multiplying tourists have left a great amount of trash in the base camp due to lack of knowledge or lack of strength to carry back their trash. This has led to degrade in the environment of the pure Himalayan Mountain and given rise to climate change and such in the Everest region. In the recent days, this trend of dumping the trash has been prohibited and companies are greatly aware of such disaster.

As a company who believe in preservation of natural environment, we follow the popular saying of ecotourism, “take nothing but photographs, and leave nothing but footprints”. Conserving nature and culture requires participation from side, the locals as well as the visitors. It is our duty and responsibility to travel wisely.

The villages and trek routes we travel through are closely bound to nature with unique culture of people. They are simple and live a joyful life and partly depend on tourism for living. We, as visitors should protect the fragile communities by minimizing the impact of our existence and yet, leave a positive impact on the people. As a responsible traveler we need to have big adventures and leave small trace of our presence in the scene with zero negative impact. We leave no trace of camping and we collect our own litter and dispose at proper place.

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