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Trekking in Nepal in any region of the country is said to be best during the two seasons: after the fall (September – November) and after winter (March to May). The autumn and spring seasons bring out the best of the trekking along the mountains in the Himalayas. While trekking is also carried out during other two seasons, it is much limited to certain areas. Trekking during winter and summer may be risky at certain regions. So, autumn and spring is favored by many trekkers for a safer and more relaxing trekking..

During the autumn season (September-November), the environment is fresh and clean with radiant forests. Event the distant snow-peaked mountains become clear to the naked eyes after the pollutants have been showered away. The climate is neither hot nor cold during this time of month. The cool air makes the lively environment more pleasant while trekking

Next is the warm spring season (March – May) after end of harsh winter. Nepal is home to many flora and fauna and you can witness many of the diversities during this season as flowers start to bloom especially beautiful rhododendrons high in the mountains. The colorful and diversity of species enjoying the warmth make the trekking a comfortable walk.

Trekking during other times like winter season (December -February) is also safe depending on the geographical location you are trekking to. Generally winter days are sunny in most of the parts of country except at high Himalayas which experience heavy snow falls. There is also the risk of extreme wind and very cold temperatures .So trekking during winter is advisable only in the lower elevations.

Finally the summer season (June-August) which is actually sunny and rainy season as Nepal naturally experiences six seasons instead of four. So, it is summer-monsoon bringing landslides and clouds obstructing views which become practically unfavorable for trekking. However, it is an ideal time to trek in the rain-shaded regions like Mustang, Nar-Phu valley, Dolpo regions and even a detour to Tibet.

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